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Some tools that worked well in 1 of our Web Development Teams

Additional to the tools that I use and that are not on Scott Hanselman’s list of tools found here

TFS - Chained Builds

ab.exe - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool - not a fan of jMeter

Superbenchmarker - ab.exe on steriod

Written in JavaScript that use that uses

Firebug on the Server ;-)

ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers)

Asset bundling for .NET web apps 

Getting started:

Tools TODO

  1. GremlinJS
  2. PhantomCSS

What do we use in the next project?

  • OneNote as Team Wiki
  • Test & Deployment Setup
  • ASP.NET App Framework via custom ControllerFactory and Custom ViewEngine


Need some inspiration in your web app hardening session?

Pretty crazy what people come up with!!

Learn some hacking techniques here 

A tool that every web developer needs to know:

Good for tests with HTTP delays like

Or HTTP Status Codes:

Nice tool for prototyping and placing images

A quick and simple image placeholder service.

Do you know where to get inspiration as a frontend web developer?

CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web. It’s all about inspiration, education, and sharing.

On Hugo Giraudel’s blog you can find a comparison to other CSS Playgrounds like JsFiddle. 

What every *mobile* web developer should care about?

Additionally to this list What every web developer should care about?

  • Latency
  • Connectivity
  • Form factors

Thx to Marc Bächinger

I just realized that a mobile web developer life might be harder than others ;-)

What every web developer should care about?
  • Managing State: Session, client or server
  • Managing browser history = challenge (Back button)
  • Speed
  • URLs
  • Search Engine Friendliness and making the web app more accessible
  • Data Privacy in every sense via Patrick
  • And making the end user happy
A SPA adheres to SoC! #web

A SPA “Single Page Application” adheres to the “Separation of Concerns” Design Principle by splitting the template and the data into 2 separate things that happen on the server. Nice!

Why not a Single Page Application (SPA)?

A SinglePageApplication is more than just a fluid user experience with lots of stuff happening in the client (browser). A SPA is about bringing the state from the server to the client.

SPA goal: Stateless Server. Stateful Client. Nothing more.

Don’t create a Single Page Application if:

  • Your team has huge skills in classic web development
  • You want to avoid Javascript like the pest
  • Your team doesn’t follow all the latest and greatest script kiddies
  • You don’t care about HTTP, HTML, CSS and just want to get your job done ASAP
  • You don’t mind ugly URLs and don’t care about the browser history as long as your app works
  • Your application startup time is critical (no progress bars allowed)
  • The view rendered by the server is never touched by the client
  • Your pages need to be crawled (without any tricks)

In these scenarios another Client Architecture might be better for you.

Did I mention that building a SPA is not easy?

Why Sencha Touch might be a great Strategic Platform for your next product
Controlled experiments on the web: Learnings from Microsoft, Amazon

Great presentation with great learnings out of controlled experiments

  • UX principle: “Don’t make me think”
  • Controlled experiments are not the panacea for everything -> see paper
  • If you’re going to experiment, try more variants, especially if they’re easy to implement

Great examples of AB testing for user screens.

The presentation

The related paper 

Great tips for Responsive Web Design via @rupertbreheny

by Rupert Breheny

  • All web pages should render legibly on mobile devices
  • We write content once, and can view it on any device
  • We never show a horizontal scrollbar, regardless of device or screen-size

Make sure to check out all the links in this presentation

Hack the web goat!

WebGoat is a deliberately insecure J2EE web application maintained by OWASP designed to teach web application security lessons.

Give it a go web devs!

OWASP WebGoat Project

Is your web page responsive/mobile friendly?

Great post that shows the basic steps to Simple Responsive Design and some great tools around it.

Don’t forget to charge a Premium for your services! ;-)

Full article
Responsive Web Development as a Standard, Step-by-Step

HTML5 is the future of web