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How do you do Sprint Reviews with 9 teams and 50+ team members?

Great approach!

Sprint Review 3.0:  The Science Fair Approach

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Set expectations to increase learning

"a team that meets its forecast each and every time might not be a hyper-productive team and for sure not a learning team"

Do you have a Sprint goal for each Sprint?

The Scrum Sprint Commitment/Forecast as an Expectation

What would change if you shorten your Sprints? #proscrum

I made similar observations as Kevin E. Schlabach in his blog post

Every time you shorten your iteration length, your team will realize that there are things that are time-consuming and painful.

Shorten your iteration…  (Sprint)

I asked my current team (just recently started on a new product): 

What would change if we would have 1 week sprints? 

I got a couple of: “No good”, “Bad idea”.

  1. It would be difficult to produce something because we sit so much in meetings
  2. With this setup it doesn’t work, because we are not always available.

These are great answers with 2 major pains that we need to fix.
Just thinking about shortening your sprints, already helped highlight them…