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Experimentation Is The New Planning

Great article that describes “Strategy by Discovery” in which you experiment and give your employees autonomy, freedom and slack to come up and test new ideas…

Some nice pieces:

The more things you try, the better your chances of discovering something valuable

From MailChimp:
If someone has an idea, they attempt to recruit another person to help them work on a prototype or to help convince others

How does it work

For emergent strategy to be successful, there must be enough autonomy, freedom, and slack in the system for people and resources to connect in a peer-to-peer way, like they do in Silicon Valley.

And finally

Nobody is directing people where to go and what to do. Nobody is allocating resources from the top. People and resources self-organize based on horizontal, peer-to-peer activity.

Emergent strategy is not strategy by prediction, it’s strategy by discovery.

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Muscula shutting down. Great experiment and not a #fail

I got this email yesterday

Unfortunately the Muscula service will be shut down very shortly.

We have not been able to build a viable business although the service seemed to be a very good idea and much sought after. Hopefully you will be able to get a comparable service elsewhere.

Thank you to all the beta-testers.

If you still need to log JavaScript errors we suggest you check out these services:

Kind Regards,
Allan, Jørgen and Martin

I appreciate the work of these guys and their courage.

How do you come up with names for your products?

Get some inspiration from the Lean Startup Wiki

Naming Tools

Lean Startup 101 for Developers from @HackerChick

Great video recording from Abby Fichtner.
The Lean Startup: Who doesn’t want to change the world?

Understanding the MVP - Connecting Continuous Delivery to the Lean Startup Movement

Good talk from Aaron Erickson (Thoughtworks).

He starts with

  1. the problems in software
  2. shows us what should be important (Analytics and Measurements) to us and the users and then 
  3. finally how to get results faster

SOLID Engineering -> Agile Software Development -> Continuous Delivery -> Lean Startup

Understanding the MVP